Tivity Labs - Cannabis Fundraising in Maryland and New Jersey

Cannabis Business Plans

Documents included in our cannabis business plans:

Executive Summary The opening document of your investor package
Market Trend Understanding emerging customer preferences will create opportunities to acquire new customers.
Product Selection Report Decisions about what to cultivate or what products to put on the shelves should be supported with data.
Management Team Support Your leadership team will be instrumental to your success. Tivity’s advisory support can augment your team to fill specific skill sets.
SWOT Analysis Gain visibility into your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to plan with strong situational awareness.
Competitive Sourcing Report The costs associated with your facility, production equipment, and technology will be some of your highest. Executing a sourcing strategy with competitive bidding will lower these costs.
Geographic Strategy Knowing where you should compete is as important as knowing how you will compete. Our Geographic Strategy Report will help you identify the most lucrative locations to establish a new cannabis dispensary.
Price Sensitivity Report Price sensitivity analysis should be conducted periodically to remain competitive and protect your top line.
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