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Consistently producing high-quality cannabis-infused products requires robust controls and procedures. Extraction operations founded on Lean Six Sigma practices will be ready for market consolidation and increased competition. 

Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Extraction Equipment

Find opportunities for innovation in the market and find the most cost-effective extraction equipment to fill demand with your product.

Conditional Cannabis Processor Help

Lean Manufacturing

Protect your profit margin by implementing lean manufacturing processes early and be prepared for changing market conditions.

Cannabis SOP Implementation


Design and implement your workflows, processes, and standard operating procedures alongside leaders from the CPG industry.

Quality Controls for Cannabis Processors


Lean on our experts to make quality controls and consistency a competitive advantage for our brand.

Process Automation for Cannabis Processors


Reduce operating expenses and eliminate manual errors by automating your production processes.

Sales Channels for Cannabis Processors

Sales Channels

Capture market share and get your products on more shelves by leveraging multiple sales channels

Apex Trading

Official Resale Partner

Promote your cultivation or processor brand by launching a customized B2B eCommerce storefront without listing in a competitive competitive marketplace. We’ll help you sell your products directly to dispensaries on Apex Trading’s affordable platform.

Services for Processors


Where we can Help...


Access to


Supply Chain Management

Quality Assurance at Scale

Packaging & Labeling

Marketing & Advertising

Compliance at Scale

Managing Cash Flow

Brand Identity & Reputation

Access to Sales Channels

Extraction Technology

Create your own eCommerce storefront for dispensaries to buy direct, and gain more control over your brand while reducing transaction fees. Our SEO strategies will make your brand and message more visible to your customers.

Secure the investment your cannabis processing or manufacturing business needs with our expertly crafted investor packages and accurate business valuations, key elements in attracting informed investors. 

Increase financial accuracy and decrease administrative work by working with a team of knowledgeable experts. Our accounting team has expertise in budgeting, expense management, 280e tax policy, cash management, banking, and more.

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